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Tuesdays are training days!

Tonight was a running night – my club (the mighty Tyne Bridge Harriers) meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Confession…. it has been a little while since I’ve religiously attended club sessions. Alright; maybe a bit longer than that. OK, OK. I cannot remember the last time I went to both club sessions in a week.

In fairness; up until the end of May I was training for Edinburgh Marathon Festival, my second attempt at 26.2. I might throw my race report up soon for you to read 🙂 Marathons are draining little buggers and do take a lot more out of you than you realise; as I found out on the few runs I did in the weeks following the event – I felt slow, sluggish, generally tired and not at all my usual running self. Add to that a spot of plantar fasciitis and I was often finding excuses to miss my training runs.


My beloved Asics have been a little abandoned of late

Until, that is, last Tuesday, when we held our annual Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Road Race. The route is often used on club nights and for Long Run Sundays, so it was all familiar territory….but I just wasn’t feeling it. I ran my slowest race pace for over a year and felt absolutely awful throughout the whole thing. I had let my fitness slip a lot more than I realised.

Last week’s race was a wake-up call and has given me the kick I needed to get back into shape and back to training. Binging on unhealthy foods and skipping runs ‘because I ran a marathon a couple of weeks ago and I deserve a rest’ does not cut it any more. Cross training and regular and varied club sessions are the way forward!

I will keep you all up to date with my progress.. first up is the Color Run this Sunday, which will be great fun 🙂


Color Run’s coming!

Steph x


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