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The World’s Happiest 5K

If you saw yesterday’s post; you’ll know that today I was running the Color Run in Sunderland. This has been in the calendar since the beginning of the year; but until the race pack arrived a few weeks ago; I have to admit I had almost forgotten about it!

Over the course of the run, you pass through 4 different coloured ‘zones’ – pink, blue, orange and yellow – at which points lots of willing volunteers stand ready and waiting with buckets full of paint powder, which they throw at the participants as they pass through. The idea is that your white event t-shirt comes away looking anything but white at the end! When you finish the race you are handed your own paint pack to make a mess with at the afterparty 🙂

The run was routed in the streets and land around the Stadium of Light; with the start and finish areas in the main car park. By the finish there was a stage with a DJ to host the ‘finisher’s party’, a couple of stalls selling merchandise and an area for photos. Sadly both James and I had left our phones at home so we missed our opportunity for a photo shoot with the Dulux dog 😉

I’ve been struggling a bit with my running of late and feeling a bit burnt out and out of shape; so the run today was just what I needed. The atmosphere was more party than run and you couldn’t help but grin as you watched everyone run past coated head to toe in paint! It wasn’t timed and there were so many people that you couldn’t really have taken it fast; even if you had wanted to. So instead, we had a nice, steady, gentle jog and just enjoyed it. We were also lucky enough to bump into a friend mid-way through the run who took the below photo for us.

At £29.99 all in the Color Run was a lot more than I would ever usually fork out for a 5k; however I have to say I think it was well worth it. It was a brilliant day and it’s also great to see events like this popping up in the North-East. There are other themed runs coming up over the rest of the year; such as the Neon Run in October; that I might just have to try out as well 🙂

Steph x

Me and James just after the Orange zone; looking colourful!
Me and James just after the Orange zone; looking colourful!
What I looked like at the end!
What I looked like at the end!

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