National Lipstick Day! 💄

Well. This evening started out with all sorts of good intentions. Town to tame my unruly eyebrows then back home to write a blog post that might make the screen before midnight. My car, however, had other ideas….5 minutes from home and I had to pull over and call the nice Green Flag people to come and rescue me from a flashing warning light and unnerving noises coming from the engine. Turns out it was just messing with me as once the recovery driver got it home it was fine! Ahhhh well. T-2 days to our mini holiday…

Anyhow, apparently today was National Lipstick Day, who knew?! I wore one of my favourites for work today in honour 💋

I seem to have tons of lipstick/gloss but always seem to come back to the same three which are always hiding in my makeup bag (hence their battered appearance!)

There are two Clinique favourites and a Soap & Glory staple:

Two Ton Tomato by Clinique: easy to apply and a nice subtle shade

Mightiest Maraschino by Clinique: bright, eye-catching, love it; however I do find it smudges very easily and can be difficult to apply in a nice neat line

Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump by Soap & Glory: for when I want a bit of shine!

I do have a couple of other Chubby Sticks hidden away and I have recently seen Clinique will be releasing some new shades soon…no doubt they will further fuel my addiction :mrgreen:




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