Mani Monday

Mani Monday – Wigmore Street

Another Monday, another nail colour..... Tonight I've been out for some lovely italian food with some friends in Sunderland. It was beautiful, but my goodness I'm so full now! I'm now back at home, in my pyjamas, ready to crash. Bliss 🙂 As well as the usual Mani Monday, I wanted to give a heads… Continue reading Mani Monday – Wigmore Street

Northern Wanderings

Sunday is Funday in Newcastle Town!

We've been living in Newcastle for almost 3 years now; and we have fallen into that predictable habit of not getting to know the city that sits right on your doorstep. A few months ago, while we were out for a couple of drinks; we started talking about the amount of things there are to… Continue reading Sunday is Funday in Newcastle Town!