Northern Wanderings

Sunday is Funday in Newcastle Town!

We’ve been living in Newcastle for almost 3 years now; and we have fallen into that predictable habit of not getting to know the city that sits right on your doorstep. A few months ago, while we were out for a couple of drinks; we started talking about the amount of things there are to do in the North East that we just don’t ever think about doing. My resolution for 2015 (and I can’t believe we are already at the point in the year where we can start talking about things like that) is to do a bit more exploring of this canny little bit of land we live in!

To give myself a kick-start, today we went out for brunch at the newly refurbished Tyneside Bar Cafe. Now, as long converted fans of Tyneside I don’t think this can really count as ‘exploring’; however the bar is a recent addition to the cinema and I wanted to test out the nourishment on offer 🙂

Tyneside Cinema is an absolute gem of a building. If you live in Newcastle or the vicinity and you haven’t been, I insist you visit at once. It is an independent, old style cinema supported by lottery funding, and which shows a variety of current, vintage and foreign films. At Christmas they are showing a lot of old favourites, including It’s A Wonderful Life…. sadly the viewing I was hoping to catch on Christmas Eve is all sold out; sob sob! The cinema has recently acquired and renovated the bar area; and runs a free film with Sunday brunch every week.

The brunch menu
The brunch menu


I opted for Eggs Benedict (minus Hollandaise, because I’m weird!) and James went for the Spanish meat platter. Both were delicious and I’m looking forward to going back and trying more!

Yummy eggs
Yummy eggs


Aside from the food, they also have an impressive selection of local ales – perhaps not an option for brunch but definitely something to go back and try later!

After brunch we hit the shops and started the Christmas shopping…. already the city centre is packed and it wasn’t long before we had to stop for more coffee and sustenance – cake, this time 🙂 We stopped off in the Oak Cafe, situated in Barker and Stonehouse; among piles of furniture I will forever lust over but will never be able to buy! White chocolate and Raspberry tiffin was the food of choice, and very tasty it was too.

I’m looking forward to exploring more sites across the North East in the not too distant future…. any suggestions for places to visit are welcome!

Coffee and tiffin in Barker & Stonehouse
Coffee and tiffin in Barker & Stonehouse

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