Mani Monday

Mani Monday – Wigmore Street

Another Monday, another nail colour…..

Tonight I’ve been out for some lovely italian food with some friends in Sunderland. It was beautiful, but my goodness I’m so full now! I’m now back at home, in my pyjamas, ready to crash. Bliss 🙂

As well as the usual Mani Monday, I wanted to give a heads up on a product I’ve just discovered that I think might be my saviour over the next few weeks….

I love glitter nail varnish this time of year. Can’t get enough of the stuff. The only issue is that my heart literally sinks when it comes to removing it. I will leave it for as long as I can, until there’s so little varnish left that my nails look like stubs; before I try to take it off. I’m used to fighting a losing battle with the layer of glitter that just refuses to budge, but I bought some new, slightly more expensive nail varnish remover that has given me new hope 😉

Elegant Touch Get ’em Off nail varnish remover (rrp £2.65) works a dream! It’s developed for removing false nails and overlays so it’s pretty strong. It took me less than 5 minutes to remove all traces of Friday night glamour from my nails. Definitely a must for this party season 🎉


Glamour magazine were giving away 4 different shades of Nails Inc nail varnishes in this month’s issue (which I imagine will soon be gone from the shops, so move quick if you haven’t already!). I bought one. Then bought another one. Whoops….I do recall telling you all from the off that I had a bit of an addiction!! Tonight I tried out Wigmore Street; a nice purple shade befitting of the 3 degree chill my car kindly pointed out to me this evening. Enjoy 💅



Yes, that is Question Time you can see reflected in the glass....

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