Christmassy Times

Well…..didn’t that just go by in a flash!! I hope you’ve all had a lovely, relaxed Christmas with your families and friends! It it was anything at all like mine, you have eaten so much food and drink that it’s a miracle you can still pull yourself off the sofa – or at least, lean forward to the coffee table for one more chocolate 😉

James and I spent Christmas Day going between our families in Sunderland. As my sister had a little girl in May, and James’ sister is currently visiting from Australia with her husband and two boys; it was a really special Christmas for both of us. To top it all off we were both spoilt rotten!

A selection of Christmas goodies
A selection of my Christmas goodies

I’ll not make you sit and go through all of my gifts, but suffice to say that I won’t be running out of perfume and smellies any time soon! I also got some lovely nail varnishes from James, my mam and James’ mam, which will no doubt be making an appearance on the blog in the very near future; and some lovely scented candles. James bought me a gorgeous pair of Kurt Keiger boots which I had been eyeing up earlier in the year; as well as a monster nail technician’s case for all of my nail varnish pots, so I stop leaving them lying around the house!! He’s a good’n 🙂






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