Northern Wanderings

Living Local: The Milkhope Centre and Blagdon Farm Shop

Today, James and I went out for some lunch with his parents, sister and brother-in-law and their little boys. The destination was the Milkhope Centre on the Blagdon Estate in Northumberland; only a 15 minute drive from our our house and, again, a place I never knew existed. Exploring the local area in 2015: check!

We had lunch in the cafe at the centre, which was packed to bursting when we arrived – a good sign! Luckily we managed to commandeer a few seats. The food arrived quickly given how busy it was, and were very tasty. The jacket potato portions in particular should be applauded!

After lunch we wandered into the Blagdon Farm Shop, a veritable gold mine of local produce comprising everything from preserves and sauces, to cheese, to local meats and fresh baked goodies. We could literally have spent a fortune in there! We did manage to restrain ourselves, and walked away with some cheese and fresh eggs and nothing else….. this time!

There are quite a few businesses on the Milkhope Centre including a homeware store and an art gallery, which I will definitely be paying a return visit to! I’ll make sure I take more photos next time as well; as this time round you’ve got nothing to look at but the spoils of our hunting and gathering sat on the kitchen bench 😉

Our little haul…. mmmmm yummy local goodies

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