Northern Wanderings

Films and Cocktails

Ahhh, Sunday. The day of the week reserved for sitting around in your pyjamas, drinking tea and keeping warm by the fire (as I am now). Bliss 🙂

Yesterday we had a bit of a date afternoon – ‘Saturdate‘ as it has been coined in our house. I know, I know – we’re too cool. We went to Tyneside Cinema to see The Theory of Everything, then went for some lovely food at Browns and rounded off the night with a couple of drinks. We were home with a cup of tea by 10pm! My kind of night 😉

The Theory of Everything is just…. wow. It’s outstanding. Little wonder that the lead actor Eddie Redmayne picked up a Golden Globe for his efforts, or that both he and Felicity Jones have been nominated for Oscars. The film deals less with the search for the theory and more with the Hawkings’ personal life, from his diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease to his acceptance of a CBE in 1982. The film is sad, as would be expected, but very funny at the same time. Both James and myself came away from the film wondering if Professor Hawking still gives public lectures (it looks like he does, but not very often- trying to hunt out one that we could try to attend might be difficult!).

After we’d been blown away by the film, we headed to Browns for some sustenance, of both the food and liquid kind. We ate and drank very well! I had a lovely goat’s cheese and walnut starter, which could have done with a bit of bread on the side but was nonetheless very tasty! Main course was a burger (not very adventurous on my part; never mind) and for dessert I’d opted for the salted caramel chocolate pot, which was so strong and rich I couldn’t eat very much of it.

We rounded off the night with a couple of gins back at the Tyneside Bar and then retreated home to hibernate. I do hibernating very well – haven’t left the house yet today!!

Have yourselves a lovely relaxed Sunday folks 🙂


Image of Browns Newcastle
Browns, Newcastle
Happy with my cocktail!
Happy with my cocktail!

image of food


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