Window Shopping Wednesdays

Window Shopping Wednesdays #1

I am a little bit of a shopping addict. I don’t generally go out and spend loads of money in a big spree, I’m more a little and often spender that doesn’t realise how much she’s spending…. the thing is though, it all tends to add up to quite a lot. Now that we have a wedding to save for (and it seems weddings are pretty damn expensive!) I’m trying to be really strict with myself and set a limit on how much I’m allowed to indulge on myself every month. After that I have to stop spending and think of the pretty white dress and the lovely shoes and the big big party next April!

I decided that if I’m not actually allowed to shop, I’m going to have to satisfy myself with window shopping instead ūüôā So, every Wednesday (I’ll apologise now if I miss a few deadlines!) I’ll share some pictures of and links to things I’ve been looking at/lusting after/generally obsessing about over the previous week. If nothing else, at least James can never say that he doesn’t know what to buy me ūüėČ

Without further ado, here’s the first of my Window Shopping Wednesdays!

Window Shopping #1

Jo Malone candle // Naked2 Palette // Checked skirt // Jing Uplift Tea Tray set // River Island crop top // Agnes and Norman Elsie t-bar shoes // Anthropologie Monogrammed mug // The Children Act // Diptyque candle // Tripod Floor lamp //


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