Mani Monday

Mani Monday: Queen Victoria Street

I was stood in front of my wardrobe a couple of days ago, trying to find something to wear, when I caught sight of a small green box out of the corner of my eye. On closer inspection I found it was my box of Bling It On: Emerald which had been stashed in the bottom of the wardrobe just after we moved in and forgotten about. Nails Inc’s Bling It On sets consist of a nail varnish and a tub of glitter to dip your nails in and make them all sparkly and pretty 🙂 I’ve left the glitter to one side for now; but the varnish is today’s Mani Monday colour of choice.

Queen Victoria Street is a lovely, bright emerald green (surprisingly!) which is a nice alternative to all the summertime pastels and mint shades. I painted 2 coats over a base and then finished off with a coat of Maybelline Super Stay Forever Strong Gel Finish in Crystal Clear.






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