La Vida Madrileña

There are some days when I really love my job. Monday of this week was one such day; as thanks to a meeting just outside of the city on Tuesday, I got to spend Monday afternoon relaxing on a square in beautiful Madrid!

After a 3.15 a.m. alarm on Monday morning, a couple of extra fuerte coffees and a mercifully short taxi ride; we checked into our hotel and wandered down to the nearest plaza to find some food and a traditional lunchtime caña 🙂

For dinner on Monday night we went to a lovely little restaurant on a street near the hotel called La Verónica. Arty, quirky, stylish and amazing food!


It was the first time I’d been back to Madrid since I finished my year abroad in 2008 – I lived in Toledo, which is about an hour’s drive south of Madrid; and spent the odd afternoon in the capital…nowhere near as much time as I would have liked though! There is so much on my list of sights to see that me and James are going to have to get some Spanish travel time booked in soon 🙂

On the list to visit – just for starters! – are:

Museo del Prado

Museo Reina Sofía  

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (because no way would James allow us to go to MAdrid and not visit the home of Real Madrid!)

Any tips for some Madrid sightseeing from you lovely people?!


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