Oh Canada……

// We have been feeling very Canada-sick of late. We came back from the most amazing holiday exactly 1 year ago today; fresh out of a full-on 2 weeks of football, ice hockey, sightseeing, Tim Hortons-drinking and kayaking on a beautiful Muskoka lake.

To help me reminisce; here is a little photo diary from our time there 🙂

ripleys aquarium
Ripley’s Aquarium – Jaws very kindly got in the picture too!
view from CN tower
The view from the top of the CN tower. We picked a very good day to be at the top!



hockey hall of fame
Some shirts in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Tiffany necklace
A very exciting moment – my first Tiffany’s purchase!
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators – our first ice hockey experience and hopefully not the last! 
muskoka lake
Thursday evenings will never be the same again.


muskoka tree
Beautiful autumn colours creeping into the trees.


An Inukshuk Garden


Standard garden pests!
muskoka lake
Amazing reflections in the lake
niagara falls
Niagara Falls…. need I say more!


Finishing off the holiday with the obligatory Tim Hortons Dark Roast and doughnut!

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