Lunching at Rosie’s

Our first full week back at work has been and gone in a heartbeat; and now here we are in the midst of a typical British autumn day….rainy and cold. Lovely!

Last weekend; both me and James had a craving for some nice lunch and cake. In need of shaking ourselves out of the ‘back to work’ shock; we wandered down to Gosforth High Street to try out Rosie’s Cafe. Hidden inside Gosforth shopping centre; we wandered past it by chance a couple of months ago and put it in the bank for some Saturday feeds further down the line.

It’s a gorgeous little spot; backing out onto a park via huge patio doors, with an ice cream corner for the summer! The interior is warm and cosy and the food is absolutely amazing. I went for hummus and chickpeas with flatbread, while James opted for a mountain of avocado and poached eggs with greens on toast. And the cakes! Wow. We ate them so fast there was no room for photos! Mmmmm 🙂

As well as the cafe food, they also stock lots of local produce like jams, preserves, and chocolate. I have a feeling I will definitely be back!

hummus and flatbread





Gran Canaria Goodness

Ahhhh. There’s nothing like jetting away into the sunshine when the mists descent on the UK! We have just got back from one lovely week in Gran Canaria. Sunshine and sea and absolutely no commitments. Bliss.


That’s not to say it wasn’t without drama. Our first night there; we got into the room around midnight and wandered out onto the balcony to have a look at the view. James closed the door behind us and… Locked out, 11 floors up. If it hadn’t been for the smokers who had wandered out a couple of balconies along; it could have been a long old night!

We stayed in Playa Taurito; which is on the south west coast of the island. It’s a tiny little resort with perhaps 6 hotels all clinging to the cliff-side looking out over the beach. Aside from a supermarket and a waterpark; that’s pretty much all there is! Puerto Mogan, the next cove along, is a short bus ride away and full of restaurants and bars. It has the added bonus of being a picturesque whitewashed port town – lots of photo opportunities!

The holiday was exactly what we needed. It’s funny how much you can run on autopilot, and for how long; and not realise you need a bit of time off until you actually have some. It took a good couple of days to switch off, but happily I have siesta’d my way back into life 🙂