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Getting back on the horse: a training diary

Sunday afternoons. Made for blankets, cups of tea and roaring fires. Unfortunately, we have to brave an Ikea trip this afternoon; so that winter bliss is about to be thrown out in the freezing cold….never mind; I’ll enjoy the next few minutes while it lasts!

This week has marked my first week of getting back on the exercise horse. In just under 12 weeks; I will be walking down the aisle in what I hope will be a beautifully fitting white gown. 12 weeks today; I will be running my first half marathon in about 2 years. Unfortunately though; I bought the dress a  year ago and I haven’t trained consistently since then; so both of these images are probably a little way from being a reality!

I am not one for excessive dieting. I love food too much and I can’t function on a few hundred calories a day, especially if exercising – not to mention that it’s not a healthy or sustainable approach! What I am aiming for instead; is a more conscious attitude to what I’m putting in my mouth, combined with regular and varied exercise. I have cut out mid-week alcohol; although I am allowing myself to drink on a Friday/Saturday night. I think this in itself will have a big effect – even one week in I can feel a difference. I’ve also been keeping an eye on my carb intake, just for the first few weeks – no bread, more veggies and less potatoes and rice with my evening meals. I am actually pleasantly surprised that I’m still feeling full after tea. Chocolates are always a killer, especially this time of year – the house is overflowing with leftover chocolates and biscuits – but I am coping OK so far! I have allowed myself little bits; but again nothing excessive.

I thought it might help me to do a weekly review of my week’s exercise and how I felt – firstly; because if I write it down I will have something to look back on and compare for progress; secondly because if it’s out there in the public sphere then there are more eyes on me to know if I’m slacking! Haha. So, here is week 1:


I hadn’t run since the previous weekend; so I went out on a just-under 5K loop from our house. No alcohol since the previous Saturday. This run felt good; for the first time since I’d started getting out again. Steady pace at around 9.20/mile. I even managed a sneaky sprint finish!


I did a Bodycombat class at my gym; my first one. I wasn’t really sure what to expect; I thought it was a circuit-style class – but it’s actually martial arts inspired. Lots of punching and kicking! I was a bit nervous to begin with but soon got into the swing of it – proved by the fact that I did an upward punch so hard that I jarred my elbow and spent the rest of the day trying not to move it! I’m no karate kid, clearly 🙂 next class booked for next week.


‘Long Run Sunday’ as it is traditionally known in our house; or used to be back when we were both training well! Today’s ‘long’ run was just over 4 miles. Not far compared to what I used to do, but relative to my current situation. The run itself was horrible – it was cold and windy, I couldn’t get my breath and had to stop 2 or 3 times. Average pace just over 10/mile.

Weekly mileage total:  7 miles

Weekly workout total: 3 sessions

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday you lovely lot! Off to Ikea…..wish me luck…..



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