Northern Wanderings

Sunday Strolls and Two Training Diaries

Bonjour friends! Hope you’re all well, and safe from the snow if you’re in the States! Apparently the storm is making its way across to us in the UK now…. but will be rain by the time it hits. Excellent! Wouldn’t expect anything else 🙂

Today has been a very satisfying Sunday. Started off with a nice early run; then went for a wander along Seaton Sluice beach with my beloved and finished up with a very late lunch at Ernest, a cafe-bar tucked away on an inconspicuous street in Ouseburn. We had just missed the end of their brunch menu; so I ordered the veggie chilli burger (delicious) while James opted for the chorizo and butternut squash taco. Mmmmm.

So, I fell at the first hurdle with my training diaries (zero puns) as I realised on Tuesday that I had forgotten to upload anything at all for last week! So, here is my diary for this week and the week before – neither is especially exciting in honesty though; so you haven’t missed much 🙂

W/C 11th January 

This one got off to a bit of a rocky start; as James was off work and struggling with a wisdom tooth extraction that became infected – ouch. We also had some pretty cold weather which hindered conditions underfoot, so a bit light on the running this week!

Wednesday – Tried to go out for a run; skidded to the end of my street and decided that it wasn’t worth a broken bone. Retreated back to our warm house for some ballet barre exercises and weights.

Thursday – SNOWDAY. I had booked a double at the gym – Bodycombat followed by Yogalates – however the snow brought our whole estate to a standstill; and there was no chance I’d get there in time. So, instead, I cancelled the classes and went out for a very slow 5K in our temporary winter wonderland. By 9.30 it was already turning to slush, so there was a lot of running through icy puddles, but it was very very fun 🙂

Saturday – More weights and core work at home.

Weekly mileage total: 3.1 miles

Weekly workout total: 3 sessions

W/C 17th January 

Another light week, no excuses but laziness really! Half Marathon countdown is exactly 10 weeks today (eek!) so still enough time to get back into good shape; but next week needs to see a bit of ramping up.

Wednesday: Spinning class at the gym. I haven’t been spinning for a good few months, and this session was with a new instructor who is not a fan of sitting down on the bike!! My heart was almost jumping out of my chest and I finished feeling like I might have actually died (I may be slightly prone to exaggeration when physically tired). I would hesitate to say I enjoyed it, but I definitely felt the benefit!

Friday: Barre work and weights at home. I used to do ballet in my late teens and I really miss it; so these exercises are a nice throwback to those days! There are some ballet classes running in Newcastle; I might have to carry out some further investigations….

Sunday: Long Run day. Today was about 4.5 miles around the Town Moor. It wasn’t what I’d call a ‘good’ run; but it was nice to be out – and I was back home by 10! Plus another mile and a half or so along the beach.

Weekly mileage total:  6 miles

Weekly workout total: 3 sessions

Next week, I have a wedding dress fitting (argh!) and my hair and makeup trials…. exciting! I also have no doubt these two things will give me a fresh kick up the behind and spur me on to a bit more action on the exercise front 🙂






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