Fizz and Fun Times at Foodies Festival Newcastle

Now, I know I said that I was devoting this blog to books and bookishness alone but… after to a good novel, food is my next great love, and so I was happy to snap up the offer of some free tickets to Foodies Festival last weekend.

With the truly miserable weather of the last few days; it’s difficult to believe that it’s been less than a week since myself and Mr Knox took ourselves the mile from our house to sample all the delights on offer at Foodies Festival. Making its first visit to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the festival had set up shop on a wide expanse of grass in Exhibition Park.

Despite the ominous weatherman warnings, when we arrived at the festival the sunshine was beaming down, and we were regretting not applying sunscreen before leaving the house!

Once through the entrance gates, we had to put our hunger on hold for a little bit while we took in the sheer amount of goodies on offer – from Goan, to Asian, to Caribbean and good old British; there was something for everyone and I wanted it ALL. We opted for a delicious chicken curry from On The Goa to begin with, immediately wishing we had shared one as there was so much more we wanted to eat!


After our first lunch (ahem) we decided it was high time for a drink and a sit down to prepare ourselves for round two. (This is literally the reason I run). Handily, some clever soul had converted a double decker bus into a bar where we swiftly acquired some fizz for me, while James opted for a beer pulled from the side of a converted military jeep – so cool! Drinks sorted, we took ourselves up to the top deck to assess the festival from above.


It was lovely to see so many, and such a mix of, people out for the day at this great event. As well as groups of friends and couples, there were also families with children and young babies. There was something for everyone, from kiddies corner to a band, food stalls, cookery and drinks demonstrations, dessert spots, and plenty of places to get your hands on a taster or two – whether your tipple of choice was gin, wine, whisky or all of the above! There was even a yoga tent for those who wanted to offset their indulgence with a spot of stretching… having just ran a marathon the weekend before, I skipped that one in favour of a second glass of prosecco (whoops).



After we’d finished our drinks, we set off in search of our second lunch, and after much deliberation settled on a pork, chorizo and cheese burger (to share) from Hatch76. After that and one final drink, we decided that, sadly, it was time to head home and get ready for our night out (don’t be fooled – we were on the bus home before 11). Not before I got my hands on some macarons from the lovely Mademoiselle Macaron, however!

I first came across these Scottish beauties on Instagram in the midst of a wedding-planning rampage; and have been dying to try them ever since. From your traditional flavours (vanilla) to the more adventurous (Irn Bru – Scots to the core!) their selection has always looked impressive; and I couldn’t pass up on the chance to buy some while they were right on my doorstep! I opted for Rose (so fragrant) Earl Grey (because….couldn’t not, right?!) and Hendricks Gin (obviously). We enjoyed our purchases with a frothy coffee on Sunday afternoon, and they were so worth the wait!

Judging by my Twitter and Instagram feeds over the weekend, we weren’t the only ones having a great time at the festival, and I really hope it will make a return to Newcastle again next year – I have a long list of food to try!

Thanks so much to Foodies Festival for the tickets!

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