Mani Monday: Queen Victoria Street

I was stood in front of my wardrobe a couple of days ago, trying to find something to wear, when I caught sight of a small green box out of the corner of my eye. On closer inspection I found it was my box of Bling It On: Emerald which had been stashed in the bottom of the wardrobe just after we moved in and forgotten about. Nails Inc’s Bling It On sets consist of a nail varnish and a tub of glitter to dip your nails in and make them all sparkly and pretty 🙂 I’ve left the glitter to one side for now; but the varnish is today’s Mani Monday colour of choice.

Queen Victoria Street is a lovely, bright emerald green (surprisingly!) which is a nice alternative to all the summertime pastels and mint shades. I painted 2 coats over a base and then finished off with a coat of Maybelline Super Stay Forever Strong Gel Finish in Crystal Clear.





Mani Monday: Barry M Rockstar

Mani monday

*Ouch* *Creak* *Snap* Sorry guys, that’s just my blogging muscles creaking back into action! They are a little rusty; but I’m sure I’ll be back in the swing of things soon!

I hope you’ve all been keeping well and having lots of blogging fun in the last couple of months. Life has been manic here! We’re gearing up for a big product launch at work and that has been a bit all-consuming lately. Add into that a bit of wedding planning and time has just been running away from me.

I thought I would ease myself back into things with a good old Mani Monday post 🙂

As the week ahead is anticipated to be busy and stressful; I am starting the week with some glitter and sparkle 🙂 Barry M ‘Rockstar‘ was a Christmas present from James last year; and I used it for the ‘Sparkles‘ theme during the January Nail Art Challenge.

3 coats of this colour gives an excellent coverage, and it lasts well too. Top marks!


hand and varnish

Mani monday

Mani Monday – Wigmore Street

Another weekend gone! I hope it was a good one for you all. You can blame my lack of blogging on helping to babysit my little niece on Friday and then a nice spot of family visiting and food eating on Saturday and Sunday 🙂 I can’t complain really! In honesty it was nice to have a quiet and relaxed weekend, as we’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up! Belfast this weekend (James’ 30th birthday present) and then down to London for the National Cross Country Championships the weekend after…..I must admit, I’m looking forward to that one a little less :-/

Today’s Mani Monday is a lovely deep purple shade that was actually a freebie in a magazine! Glamour ran a promotion with Nails Inc a few months back, offering one of four different shades with the magazine. I bought 2…..ahem…..

This is the deep and aubergine-esque Wigmore Street 🙂



Mani Monday – Colville Mews

Order is restored to Earl Grey and Cupcakes once more! Mani Monday is back on my calendar now that the Nail Art Challenge is finished. To kick start things off again I’ve picked a varnish I received from James’ mam for Christmas – Colville Mews gel effect polish by Nails Inc.

This is a nice neutral colour that goes on quite smoothly, and 2 coats was enough for me to get good coverage. A nice, calm start to the week ahead 🙂




Mani Monday – Wigmore Street

Another Monday, another nail colour…..

Tonight I’ve been out for some lovely italian food with some friends in Sunderland. It was beautiful, but my goodness I’m so full now! I’m now back at home, in my pyjamas, ready to crash. Bliss 🙂

As well as the usual Mani Monday, I wanted to give a heads up on a product I’ve just discovered that I think might be my saviour over the next few weeks….

I love glitter nail varnish this time of year. Can’t get enough of the stuff. The only issue is that my heart literally sinks when it comes to removing it. I will leave it for as long as I can, until there’s so little varnish left that my nails look like stubs; before I try to take it off. I’m used to fighting a losing battle with the layer of glitter that just refuses to budge, but I bought some new, slightly more expensive nail varnish remover that has given me new hope 😉

Elegant Touch Get ’em Off nail varnish remover (rrp £2.65) works a dream! It’s developed for removing false nails and overlays so it’s pretty strong. It took me less than 5 minutes to remove all traces of Friday night glamour from my nails. Definitely a must for this party season 🎉


Glamour magazine were giving away 4 different shades of Nails Inc nail varnishes in this month’s issue (which I imagine will soon be gone from the shops, so move quick if you haven’t already!). I bought one. Then bought another one. Whoops….I do recall telling you all from the off that I had a bit of an addiction!! Tonight I tried out Wigmore Street; a nice purple shade befitting of the 3 degree chill my car kindly pointed out to me this evening. Enjoy 💅



Yes, that is Question Time you can see reflected in the glass....

Mani Monday Blues

It’s been a while, but Mani Monday is finally making a comeback on Earl Grey and Cupcakes 🙂

As I was selecting my nail varnish this evening; I was curious as to how many bottles of nail varnish I have crammed into my little make-up bag; and which shades I tend to favour. Laying them out on my bed told a telling tale…..

I never had myself down as a pink nail varnish sorta gal, but if my collection is anything to go by then I absolutely am! There are 8 pinks in there, of various shades. There’s also a good 7 reds – I do like a nice red!

This isn’t even the whole collection; as looking back at the photos I notice my Crabtree & Evelyn rouge is missing, along with a number of little mini bottles that I’ve acquired as free gifts or for Christmas. Turns out I’ve got a definite problem…. but even as I’m looking at these photos I can see that I’m seriously lacking in greens and wondering when I can rectify this grievous error on my part 😉

The (almost) full collection
The (almost) full collection


The pinks
The pinks


The reds
The reds


The blues (and blacks. And greys!)
The blues (and blacks. And greys!)


Pastels and trends


In the end; I decided that ‘one of those Mondays’ (and it has definitely been one of those!) deserves a suitably deep blue to go at. For that reason; my nails will spend the rest of the week adorned by Essie’s frosty sapphire Aruba Blue!






Mani Monday – Crabtree & Evelyn

Little bit late with my post tonight (it’s only barely still Monday!), it has been one of those evenings! However I’m now sat down for two minutes so I can type this up 🙂 

Up until I ordered the Glamour Beauty Edit from Latest in Beauty, I had no idea that Crabtree & Evelyn even sold nail varnish – I’ve bought plenty of hand cream from them but not a whole lot else so far. When I received the box I was very pleased to see I’d received the red version. I do love a nice red nail varnish!

It gets the thumbs up from me – the colour is lovely and the application is nice and smooth. Very worthy of today’s Mani Monday 🙂 

Steph x



Mani Monday!

One things you will soon learn about me is that I have a slight nail varnish obsession.

I’m not sure how it started off. One minute I was happily browsing the shelves in Boots; the next minute I am trawling the Nails Inc website and the rest, as they say, is history…..

Which brings me to my latest nail décor investment. A few weeks back a Friday promo caught my eye, the Pastel Power collection of 8 nail varnishes for £20. A couple of the shades were ones I had been eyeing up anyway so I snapped it up and a couple of days later my exciting little parcel arrived.

Pastel Power, £20

The shades are lovely and summery but I especially love Brunton Lane and Marylebone Road; 2 of their highlighted trend shades from the collection.

Today’s Mani Monday is the pastel peach Brunton Lane 🙂