Squirrels and Waterfronts

We landed in Toronto just after 5pm last night, and James’ aunt and uncle very kindly came along to collect us from the airport and whisk us off to their house in Mississauga, where we’ll be staying for the duration of our trip. After a quick dinner we finally had to retreat to bed by 10pm…..we’re 5 hours behind here and after a full day on planes it definitely hits you hard!

Today we’ve had a little wander and explore around Mississauga and the surrounding area. I can’t get over how much space and greenery there is here…. Or how many squirrels there are running around the place!

Back garden wildlife

We walked through Rattray Marsh, from which you can see the shore of Lake Ontario – though at 30 miles across you’d swear you were looking at the sea!

The view of Lake Ontario from Rattray Marsh

After a spot of breakfast we then went down to Port Credit and the harbour, where the Credit River joins the lake. It is stunning to look at, especially in the gorgeous 24 degree weather we’re having at the moment!

Tomorrow we’re off to a Toronto FC match; which should be good… although as I understand it they ain’t doing too well at the minute! We’ve also just booked tickets to see Toronto Maple Leafs play a pre-season on Wednesday evening. James isn’t wasting any time! Though I am actually really looking forward to the ice hockey :mrgreen:

Better get out the ol’ foam hand!

Mani Monday Blues

It’s been a while, but Mani Monday is finally making a comeback on Earl Grey and Cupcakes 🙂

As I was selecting my nail varnish this evening; I was curious as to how many bottles of nail varnish I have crammed into my little make-up bag; and which shades I tend to favour. Laying them out on my bed told a telling tale…..

I never had myself down as a pink nail varnish sorta gal, but if my collection is anything to go by then I absolutely am! There are 8 pinks in there, of various shades. There’s also a good 7 reds – I do like a nice red!

This isn’t even the whole collection; as looking back at the photos I notice my Crabtree & Evelyn rouge is missing, along with a number of little mini bottles that I’ve acquired as free gifts or for Christmas. Turns out I’ve got a definite problem…. but even as I’m looking at these photos I can see that I’m seriously lacking in greens and wondering when I can rectify this grievous error on my part 😉

The (almost) full collection
The (almost) full collection


The pinks
The pinks


The reds
The reds


The blues (and blacks. And greys!)
The blues (and blacks. And greys!)


Pastels and trends


In the end; I decided that ‘one of those Mondays’ (and it has definitely been one of those!) deserves a suitably deep blue to go at. For that reason; my nails will spend the rest of the week adorned by Essie’s frosty sapphire Aruba Blue!






Back from the other side….

Well, hello again! It’s been a while since my last post and for that I must apologise. August was an absolutely ridiculously busy month!

I’ve been studying for the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing since September last year; and last month was spent frantically trying to complete a half-decent Project Management assignment. Lots of late nights! Throw in a few busy weeks at work and unfortunately that meant that my little corner of the interweb was neglected in favour of some shut eye. Thankfully I handed that assignment in this week and now have a little bit of respite before I get ready for a Managing Marketing resit. Fun fun fun…. it will all be worth it in the end though! 👍

Coming up this month I have a whirlwind stop in Rotterdam with work before 2 weeks in CANADA with my better half! It all starts with some Great North Run spectating this weekend, as James is running it again this year 🏃

Watch this space!

Steph x