Window Shopping Wednesdays #2 …. on a Thursday

Well, I do recall saying when I wrote the first Window Shopping Wednesday post (all of last week) that I might slip a bit on deadlines…..and what do you know, here is #WSW2 on a Thursday! To be fair, yesterday was the nail art challenge so I’ll excuse myself for being a bit late 🙂

I am still impressed at my self resolve at avoiding spending as much (only 4 weeks in to the year though, so don’t get ahead of yourself Stephanie). However, of this week’s selection I have purchased 2 items…. the Dermalogica face wash, because my skin is an utter mess at the moment; and the King of Soho gin. Mmmm looking forward to trying that this weekend!

The make-up bag really made me giggle when I came across it; so I had to include it! The Living North subscription is something I have been thinking about for a couple of months – I buy the magazine pretty regularly (I love to pretend I am richer, more put-together and generally more sophisticated than I really am!) so it would be a sensible decision to make. Maybe next month….!

window shopping #2

Oasis Caitlin Trousers // OPI Fifty Shades of Grey collection // Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes // Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer // Jasper trainers by Kurt Geiger // Living North // Home & Glory make-up bag // Dermaolgica Dermal Clay Cleanser // The King of Soho gin //

January Nail Art Challenge: Match OOTD

Evening everyone! I hope you’re all having a good week. This week has been absolutely CRAZY at work, and it’s only Wednesday! Bring on Friday night…..

Today’s Nail Art Challenge was supposed to be a match to your outfit of the day. However, due to aforementioned work craziness, I didn’t quite get the chance to do that! Instead I have matched them to my outfit of the night i.e. my supremely cosy, candy-cane striped Victoria’s Secret pyjamas 🙂

match ootd nails

January Nail Art Challenge: Studs

Hello and Happy Burns Night everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a nice relaxed weekend?! I certainly have…. I haven’t done very much at all! Save for a quick run this morning I have barely left the house, and as I write this I am sat in front of the nice cosy fire thinking about making another cup of tea. Life is wild at the moment, simply wild.

Today is the next instalment of the January Nail Art Challenge by Californails – studs! This is something I have never ever tried before, so I bought a little pot of Artstix Nail Beads from Models Own just for the occasion 🙂

I used the beads on the ring finger of each hand; on the others I used ‘Over the Edge’ by Essie, finished off with black polka dots in a throwback to the re-creation challenge a couple of weeks back. The beads seem to have stuck well so far; but the real test will be cooking dinner in a couple of hours’ time….

#NailArtJan will be back on Wednesday for the penultimate feature!

Studs nail art jan

January Nail Art Challenge: Favourite Design

The January Nail Art Challenge is nearing it’s close; only 4 more posts to go!

Today’s challenge was to create your favourite design. I found it impossible to pick an absolute favourite as there are so many to choose from; so I’ve gone for a design that I’ve admired from afar for a long time but have never attempted – a two-tone gloss/matte design using two varnishes I got for Christmas from James.

nail art challenge favourite design

Window Shopping Wednesdays #1

I am a little bit of a shopping addict. I don’t generally go out and spend loads of money in a big spree, I’m more a little and often spender that doesn’t realise how much she’s spending…. the thing is though, it all tends to add up to quite a lot. Now that we have a wedding to save for (and it seems weddings are pretty damn expensive!) I’m trying to be really strict with myself and set a limit on how much I’m allowed to indulge on myself every month. After that I have to stop spending and think of the pretty white dress and the lovely shoes and the big big party next April!

I decided that if I’m not actually allowed to shop, I’m going to have to satisfy myself with window shopping instead 🙂 So, every Wednesday (I’ll apologise now if I miss a few deadlines!) I’ll share some pictures of and links to things I’ve been looking at/lusting after/generally obsessing about over the previous week. If nothing else, at least James can never say that he doesn’t know what to buy me 😉

Without further ado, here’s the first of my Window Shopping Wednesdays!

Window Shopping #1

Jo Malone candle // Naked2 Palette // Checked skirt // Jing Uplift Tea Tray set // River Island crop top // Agnes and Norman Elsie t-bar shoes // Anthropologie Monogrammed mug // The Children Act // Diptyque candle // Tripod Floor lamp //

January Nail Art Challenge: Favourite Colour

Today’s nail art challenge was a simple one: pick your favourite colour.

I’ve got a wide and varied range of nail varnishes to choose from, but it turned out to be quite an easy selection. I may dabble in the pinks and the blues and the greens; but ultimately when I want a pick-me-up I always come back to a nice, bright, sassy red 🙂

favourite colour

Films and Cocktails

Image of Browns Newcastle

Ahhh, Sunday. The day of the week reserved for sitting around in your pyjamas, drinking tea and keeping warm by the fire (as I am now). Bliss 🙂

Yesterday we had a bit of a date afternoon – ‘Saturdate‘ as it has been coined in our house. I know, I know – we’re too cool. We went to Tyneside Cinema to see The Theory of Everything, then went for some lovely food at Browns and rounded off the night with a couple of drinks. We were home with a cup of tea by 10pm! My kind of night 😉

The Theory of Everything is just…. wow. It’s outstanding. Little wonder that the lead actor Eddie Redmayne picked up a Golden Globe for his efforts, or that both he and Felicity Jones have been nominated for Oscars. The film deals less with the search for the theory and more with the Hawkings’ personal life, from his diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease to his acceptance of a CBE in 1982. The film is sad, as would be expected, but very funny at the same time. Both James and myself came away from the film wondering if Professor Hawking still gives public lectures (it looks like he does, but not very often- trying to hunt out one that we could try to attend might be difficult!).

After we’d been blown away by the film, we headed to Browns for some sustenance, of both the food and liquid kind. We ate and drank very well! I had a lovely goat’s cheese and walnut starter, which could have done with a bit of bread on the side but was nonetheless very tasty! Main course was a burger (not very adventurous on my part; never mind) and for dessert I’d opted for the salted caramel chocolate pot, which was so strong and rich I couldn’t eat very much of it.

We rounded off the night with a couple of gins back at the Tyneside Bar and then retreated home to hibernate. I do hibernating very well – haven’t left the house yet today!!

Have yourselves a lovely relaxed Sunday folks 🙂


Image of Browns Newcastle
Browns, Newcastle
Happy with my cocktail!
Happy with my cocktail!

image of food

January Nail Art Challenge: Gradient

Happy Saturday peoples of the world and WordPress! The weekend is upon us once again! *Does little happy dance*

This week has been a bit of a mental one at work. Couple that with two 5.20a.m. starts for gym classes (yes, I am as surprised as you are) I was very excited to be switching off the alarm as I crawled into bed last night!

Today’s January Nail Art Challenge was a gradient design. I did attempt a gradient earlier in the week and it didn’t work out…. and I’m sorry to say that this one hasn’t really worked out either 😦

The pictures below are my best of three attempts, so you can imagine what the others looked like!! I would love to be able to pull off a gradient design someday so I will have to practise more. If you want to get over my awful efforts, search #nailartjan on Instagram – there are some amazing designs out there!

gradient nails image

Have a lovely Saturday whatever you may be doing! We’ve got a lovely date afternoon/evening planned – The Theory of Everything at Tyneside Cinema, followed by some lovely food at Browns in Newcastle City Centre, then GIN at Dacantus!

Happy Steph 🙂


January Nail Art Challenge: A New Technique

Another day, another January Nail Art Challenge!

Today’s challenge was a ‘new technique’. When I first got home I had planned to attempt a nice gradient look; however when I gave it a go it didn’t quite work out… I think the sponges I bought were a bit too shiny! So, as a last minute resort, I went for some pretty blue on blue candy cane stripes instead 🙂

new technique canvas

January Nail Art Challenge: Re-Creaction

nail polish challenge re-creation image

Well well well – how on earth is it Sunday evening already?! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! I spent yesterday wedding dress shopping (eeek!) and today was spent running in circles around a muddy field – the Durham Cathedral Cross Country Relays! This evening has been spent running around doing housework and now I can finally relax with a glass of wine and do a little bit of blog updating 🙂

Today is another day of the January Nail Art Challenge – today’s theme was re-creation. After a little bit of hunting around on Instagram I settled on attempting to re-create a polka dot design by The Nail Polish Challenge. You can find the tutorial for this design on The Nail Polish Challenge’s Instagram page (@thenailpolishchallenge).

nail polish challenge re-creation image